Conference Field Trip – full day visit Upper Silesia industrial region.

The theme of the trip includes problems of exploitation of coal deposits and the functioning of industrial and service-residential space in the region. The tour will start from the historic Guido Mine in Zabrze.
The exploitation in the coal mine lasted from 1871 until 1996. Two excellently preserved mining levels are waiting for visitors 170 and 320 meters below the surface. You will go there with the authentic elevator, the same that is used in active coal mines. The main attractions of the mine are the large-scale mining machines presented in operation (roadheader and longwall coal-cutting machine) and the ride in suspended electric rail. The underground museum presents the development of mining technology from the end of the 19th century up to modern times. Tour duration lasts 2.5 hours and the route length is 3.5 km. The tour of Guido Coal Mine ends in the deepest located pub in Europe, which is situated in a pump hall. There is served “Guido” beer – a fantastic drink, brewed by the local brewery from Gliwice, coming in two versions: lager and stout.

After visiting the Guido Mine we will go to one of the Katowice district - Nikiszowiec. It is an authentic workers' settlement, built in 1908-1918. This settlement adjacent to the mine shaft "Nikischacht". Nikiszowiec consists of unique buildings made of red bricks and connected with each other, neo-baroque church and public facilities. The district has a unique charm and is one of the main tourist attractions in Katowice. It is counted among the Industrial Monuments Route since 2006.

A dinner is planned at the underground restaurant in the Guido Mine.