Introduction to FEFLOW and usage of groundwater models
for aquifer vulnerability assessment

Guaranteeing the quantity and quality of available water is a common challenge in urban areas and for industrial installations. Groundwater provides one of the most reliable and robust sources of potable water today. Retention times between production facilities and potential contamination sources makes the groundwater quality predictable. A sound knowledge of the flow paths of the groundwater (including travel time) plays an important role in assessing the vulnerability of planned and existing groundwater sources. Groundwater models are a common tool to investigate these flows path at a high level of detail. FEFLOW is one of the industry-leading software packages for groundwater modelling. It is applied in water resource planning, contaminant transport modelling, capture zone delineation and other relevant applications.

This workshop is designed to provide an overview about using FEFLOW capabilities for groundwater-resources management and vulnerability assessment. The course is a 4-hours lecture including live presentation on the following topics:
- governing processes in contamination transport,
- numerical solution methods for flow and transport modelling,
- an introduction to FEFLOW,
- calculation of contamination transport,
- calculation of capture zone delineation,
- calculation of retention time
Different approaches for calculation will be shown, including traditional particle tracking and novel approaches like reverse advective-dispersive transport models.
Access to training material (manual, exercise data and software) for hands-on training will be provided to all course participant for post-course self-studies.

About the instructor:
Alexander Renz is a Senior Engineer with DHI Munich. He has more than 10 years of professional experience having worked with the FEFLOW developers and as a groundwater consultant in Germany and Australia. Alex has performed more than 70 FEFLOW courses worldwide, and has completed a wide range of groundwater modelling projects ranging from water resources, water supply, mining and water supply.